Chapter 41: Drama, A Good Show

As Jun Xiaomo heard Qin Lingyu’s message, her listless disposition was quickly renewed with glowing spirits and a somewhat smug look. Seeing this, Ye Xiuwen could not help but lift an eyebrow curiously as he continued to sip his tea indifferently.

Jun Xiaomo’s smiled impishly as she sneaked over to Ye Xiuwen’s side, tugging at his snow-white coloured sleeve, asking mysteriously, “Martial brother, are you interested in checking out a good show?”

Ye Xiuwen turned his head slightly, and he saw that Jun Xiaomo’s obsidian-black eyes flashed with a glint of mischief. Even though he knew right this moment that she was up to no good, he could tell that what she was about to do was not hateful either.

It was just like watching a playful and cheeky kid arrogantly bragging to his friends about the innocent mischief he has caused. Apart from leaving people not knowing whether to laugh or cry, this kind of “magnanimous” behaviour was not detestable to begin with.

If Jun Xiaomo knew that Ye Xiuwen had just likened her to a “playful and cheeky kid”, she would definitely find his reaction lamentable. After all, her soul was already past a hundred years old – how could it be apt to call her “innocent and bright”, or “playful and cheeky”?

However, what Jun Xiaomo did not realize was that in front of those whom she trusted and let her guard down, such as Jun Linxuan, Liu Qingmei and Ye Xiuwen, she would always behave with a childish and impish attitude, and sometimes even act like a little princess.

This could truly be called renewing one’s youth – not just in her physical reversion...

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