Chapter 401: The Final Battle (End) [Grand Finale]

Without hesitation, Yu Wanrou slit her palm and pressed it firmly against the groove on the scepter.

Her expression right now was incredibly vicious and manic – a stark juxtaposition from her earlier softness and pitiful disposition.

All of the men lying on the ground couldn’t help but feel incredibly frustrated at the situation as they berated themselves – how could they have been so blind to fall for such a crazy, vile woman? At the same time, their hearts were also plagued by pangs of regret and reluctance. They simply couldn’t bear the thought that Yu Wanrou was soon about to claim the throne for herself without any effort on her part at all.

Meanwhile, Yu Wanrou could feel her blood slowly trickle out of her wound, filling the groove at the top of the scepter. Soon, the scepter began to glow with a faint, red hue.

Am I about to succeed? Am I going to become the owner of this entire Arcane Realm? Yu Wanrou’s heart began to thump quicker and quicker.

Just then, the scepter suddenly shone with an intense, harsh light. The resplendence of the light instantly illuminated the otherwise dimly lit throne room.

“Ahh--!” Yu Wanrou began to shriek in pain. Without any warning, blood suddenly began to pour out of her body and into the scepter. At the same time, her skin began to burst and split open all over her body, turning her into a bloody, mangled mess within moments.

Is this the ceremonial process of seizing ownership of the Arcane Realm? Why is it so terrifying?! The men lying on the ground exclaimed in their hearts as their eyes widened with disbelief. That said, everyone desired to know the final outcome of Yu Wanrou’s efforts.

The cruel process lasted for two full incense sticks of time. As the intense, resplendent light began to fade from the scepter, Yu Wanrou’s body slumped powerlessly onto the ground. She now looked decades older than she had just been moments ago, almost as though...

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