Chapter 400: The Final Battle (Middle)

As the number of people joining the fray outside the heart of the Arcane Realm increased, the battle crept closer to its climax. Even though the Chi Clan’s elites were incredibly strong, they were still unable to deal with the increasing number of enemies. After all, they were no longer merely facing Yu Wanrou and her following of men. The eight great sects had also joined the fray after hearing of the whereabouts of the map of the Arcane Realm.

Thus, Ye Xiuwen’s faction began to struggle more and more.

Meanwhile, within the heart of the Arcane Realm, it took Jun Xiaomo three full days of investigation without rest before she finally understood how to disable the formation array surrounding the entrance to the Arcane Realm.

She retrieved five sharp, pagoda-shaped spirit tools from her Interspatial Ring and placed them on the five corners of the heart of the formation array. Once she did so, she clapped her palms together and began to suffuse her energy through the spirit tools.

Instantly, five beams of light converged between the spirit tools and shot straight into the sky above.

Under the effect of this brilliant light, the surrounding smoke and mirrors began to slowly disperse…

Shortly after Jun Xiaomo began this process of dispelling the formation array, she began to feel discomfort in her body, and the light shooting into the sky weakened immediately.

It couldn’t be helped – she was still with child, and its existence alone continually depleted the energy within her body. How could she possibly sustain such levels of output of energy over a protracted period of time?

No! Martial Brother Ye and the others are still outside. If I give...

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