Chapter 399: The Final Battle (First)

Yu Wanrou was incensed and filled with resentment because her hard-earned map of the Arcane Realm had been suddenly seized from her. After some discussions with her following of men, they decided to disclose and spread the news that the map of the Arcane Realm was in the possession of Jun Xiaomo’s faction.

Jun Xiaomo had never expected her modicum of mercy to be met by such ingratitude. Back then, she thought that the plan of spreading such news to incite a bloodbath was far too devious, and that was the only reason she thought not to use it on Yu Wanrou and her following of men. Who would have thought that they would end up using the same plan on her?

After fending off the third group of attackers in quick succession, Jun Xiaomo’s faction finally overheard the attackers mentioning the map of the Arcane Realm.

“Yu Wanrou’s faction must have spread the news that we’ve obtained the map of the Arcane Realm.” Chi Jingtian muttered with hatred boiling in his heart. He tightened his clenched fists, fervently resisting the urge to beat up Yu Wanrou and her faction.

“This is why I’d said that this plan is highly effective, but all ye young sprouts thought that it was just too devious or ineffective. Look at where we are now? Someone has stolen even our ploy!” The old man took a large bite out of another fruit as he complained.

Jun Xiaomo chuckled bitterly, “Master is right....

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