Chapter 398: No True Feelings, Only Mutual Benefit

Yu Wanrou’s men waited for her for a long time. Then, when they still saw no signs of her appearance at all, they immediately realized that something might have happened. Thus, they rushed back to where they came from, only to notice Yu Wanrou lying by the side of the road on the brink of death as blood continued to flow from her lips.

“Wanrou!” Feng Wenyao was the first one to leap over and help her up. He immediately placed his fingers on Yu Wanrou’s wrist to check for her pulse.

Fortunately, there’s still a pulse, albeit slightly weaker. She should be fine after a few days’ rest. Feng Wenyao heaved a sigh of relief.

Moments later, his face stiffened slightly because he noticed a peculiarity in her body’s condition. He immediately sent a thread of spiritual energy through Yu Wanrou’s wrist, intending to probe about her meridians and Dantian, only to discover that all of her meridians and Dantian have already been shattered and torn asunder, unable to hold any spiritual energy anymore.

In other words, Yu Wanrou’s cultivation had been completely crippled by Jun Xiaomo!

“Jun. Xiao. Mo! I’m going to kill you!!!” Feng Wenyao gnashed his teeth as he looked up with an intensely, fiery gaze, as though a raging inferno intent on consuming all in its path were burning within his eyes. There was no doubt that if Jun Xiaomo were in plain sight right now, he would have charged straight towards her in an instant, flayed her skin and plucked her nerves, causing her to experience a life worse than death.

“What’s the matter?” The other men rushed over to his side. When they noticed how Feng Wenyao was acting, their hearts immediately dropped.

“Jun Xiaomo has crippled Wanrou’s cultivation. Whether she can recover from this is another...

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