Chapter 397: Yu Wanrou’s Fate

Yu Wanrou gnashed her teeth. She could accept falling prey to the ploys of just about anyone. So, why did it have to be Jun Xiaomo of all people?! The fact that she was now at Jun Xiaomo’s mercy made her feel incredibly aggrieved and humiliated.

“Jun Xiaomo, just what do you want?” Yu Wanrou gritted her teeth as she asked.

She knew that there was no meaning acting pitiful in front of Jun Xiaomo. After all, Jun Xiaomo hated her to the core. It was fine if they hadn’t crossed paths. But she knew that, as soon as they crossed paths, there was a good chance that only one of them would come out of it alive.

Jun Xiaomo smiled coldly, before slowly explaining, “What do you think? Do you want to hazard a guess as to what I’m about to do?”

Yu Wanrou’s heart began to thump quickly. She was incredibly fearful that Jun Xiaomo would slit her throat in the very next moment. After all, her spiritual waters were unable to stem fatal injuries.

In fact, she could even tell that her present abilities could hardly hold a candle to Jun Xiaomo, and it was going to be an incredibly easy thing for Jun Xiaomo to take her life.

Unfortunately, her following of men were just too far away right now, and none of them were in rage to rescue her.

Du Yongxu stood in a daze within the frontiers of battle as he gazed past his allies and...

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