Chapter 396: Difficulty, the Art of Seizing the Map

Yu Wanrou had over twenty people in her faction, some of whom were in the Nascent Soul or even Immortal Ascension stage of cultivation. On the other hand, Jun Xiaomo only had five people in her faction. Seizing the map from right under Yu Wanrou’s nose was most certainly something out of the question. Even if they managed to succeed, the losses on their end would be incredible.

Thus, keeping in mind that a forceful approach would never yield the results that they desired, they were forced to turn to a battle of the wits.

That said, engaging in a “battle of the wits” was much easier said than done. In fact, this was particularly difficult for someone like Jun Xiaomo who had never thought of seizing something from the hands of someone else in two full lifetimes. In other words, the art of seizing was a concept almost completely foreign to her.

With that, Jun Xiaomo’s team of five continued to snoop around behind Yu Wanrou’s entourage, following them for more than ten days, yet they still couldn’t come up with any feasible plans to seize the map...

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