Chapter 395: Still Voice at Night, Map of the Arcane Realm

Under the cover of Jun Xiaomo’s Invisibility Talismans, Yu Wanrou was completely oblivious to the fact that there were now several additional tails following closely behind her.

Truth be told, if not for the fact that Qin Lingyu had stumbled to Jun Xiaomo some time ago, Yu Wanrou might well have forgotten about Jun Xiaomo’s existence altogether. To her mind, she had already left Jun Xiaomo far behind her in the dust, and Jun Xiaomo was no longer worth her consideration at all.

“Wanrou, are you hungry? Have something to eat.” A well-built, handsome male cultivator retrieved a pack of dry rations from his Interspatial Ring and handed it to Yu Wanrou.

“Thanks, Brother Hui.” Yu Wanrou smiled sweetly at him as she received the dry rations and began to munch on it.

The man instantly got felt numb all over from the coquettish manner in which Yu Wanrou had thanked him, and he couldn’t help but wonder whether he would be so lucky to sneak off with Yu Wanrou to a hidden place tonight to engage in a session of dual cultivation.

The other male cultivators around noticed...

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