Chapter 393: Cooperation Between Two Sects, Sprightly Old Man Takes a Backseat

The appearance of an Arcane Realm was the confluence of both destiny as well as the heavenly laws.

If the entire cultivation world were likened to an entire universe, then the Arcane Realm could be likened to a parallel, small-scaled universe. Its internal workings were complex and profound, and even powerful cultivators would find it practically impossible to comb the entire Arcane Realm in the short span of three months. This was why the map of the Arcane Realm was of such importance.

Even though Jun Xiaomo sincerely desired to obtain the Arcane Realm’s map, she knew that encountering such opportunities was entirely up to one’s luck and fate.

After fending off some bandit cultivators for the umpteenth time, Chi Jingtian exclaimed with some measure of exasperation, “We can’t carry on like this. The Arcane Realm is just...

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