Chapter 392: Arcane Realm Appears, The Gathering of Forces

Hugging the little packrat in her arms, Jun Xiaomo spent the next two hours or so describing in detail everything that had occurred in her previous life to the two persons and one little packrat seated in front of her.

As Jun Xiaomo recounted her experiences, the images of Rong Ruihan’s dreams began to flash past his mind once again, as though he were reliving the very same experiences from his perspectives at the same time.

As it turns out, everything that he had seen in those dreams were incredibly real. There was not a single thing that Jun Xiaomo spoke of which did not cohere with his own personal experiences from the dreams. The only thing Jun Xiaomo did not speak of was about the matters that occurred after her own death in her previous life.

Rong Ruihan’s deep gaze landed on Jun Xiaomo once more. She was truly carrying too many burdens in her heart. If possible, he would love to be given the opportunity to share some of these burdens, rather than to add to the burdens weighing down her shoulders.

Ye Xiuwen’s heart was equally rippling with complicated emotions, and he found himself unable to suppress these multitude of emotions no matter what he did.

He did not have any memories of his previous life, but he could tell from Jun Xiaomo’s short recount of her experiences just how difficult and trying her previous life must have been.

It was no wonder Jun Xiaomo would present herself...

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