Chapter 391: Previous and Present Life, A Three-Way Yoke

Old Man Chi and the sprightly old man had both taken Jun Xiaomo’s allusion to the Arcane realm with a pinch of salt. After all, since time immemorial, the number of appearances of Arcane Realms were few and far between. Furthermore, these Arcane Realms had appeared suddenly and without warning. Nobody had ever heard of a person able to predict the appearance of an Arcane Realm unless that person was already the Arcane Realm’s owner to begin with.

That said, the only thing that they did know for certain was that there would be great bloodshed in the cultivation world if an Arcane Realm were to appear. Arcane Realms were synonymous with incredible wealth and power. They might even contain jaw-dropping, earth-shattering treasures that cultivators might never come across in their entire life spanning thousands of years.

Jun Xiaomo had never expected others to believe these declarations of hers given that she had no means to substantiate the same. Regardless, she was content in the fact that the truth would be revealed as soon as the Arcane Realm appeared. At that time, she would do all she could to become the next owner of the Arcane Realm for the sake of the child in her womb.

Rong Ruihan sat beside Jun Xiaomo and gazed at her with a meaningful expression on his face.

As soon as the rest of the crowd departed, Rong Ruihan ran after Jun Xiaomo and stood in front of her as he asked, “Xiaomo,...

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