Chapter 389: Rong Ruihan’s Fury, A Bloody Dungeon

“Cough, cough. How long do you intend to hug each other for?” An old, wizened voice echoed from behind Jun Xiaomo, causing Jun Xiaomo to stiffen up and blush slightly. She pushed Rong Ruihan gently, and Rong Ruihan finally released her from his embrace.

“Old Man Chi.” Jun Xiaomo greeted somewhat awkwardly.

“Master.” Rong Ruihan addressed Old Man Chi as well.

“Hmph.” Old Man Chi snorted as he glared at Rong Ruihan – he was the one who had informed Rong Ruihan of Jun Xiaomo’s whereabouts to begin with. But when he saw Rong Ruihan and Jun Xiaomo locked in a tight embrace, he couldn’t help but feel embittered in his heart as well.

It would seem that he had just invited yet another troublesome love rival of his great-grandson to join the fray. What should he do?

The sprightly old man had arrived together with Old Man Chi. His heart was filled with displeasure at this sight as well. To his mind, Jun Xiaomo was already his disciple’s wife. The appearance of yet another love rival stepping between his disciple and his wife made it seem as though someone else was trying to take advantage of his disciple.

Most importantly, the person who was stepping between them was none other than Old Man Chi’s personal disciple!

Glancing over, the sprightly old man couldn’t help but entertain...

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