Chapter 388: Chi Jingtian’s Persuasion, Ye Xiuwen’s Relief

As soon as Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo returned to where everyone was, they discovered an unexpected person waiting for them.

“Brother Rong?!” Jun Xiaomo was momentarily unable to suppress the sudden surge of joy in her heart, and she immediately ran towards Rong Ruihan.

Ye Xiuwen gazed at Jun Xiaomo’s back as she ran towards Rong Ruihan. His eyes were filled with a complex swathe of emotions right now.

Rong Ruihan also noticed Jun Xiaomo at the same time, and he, too, took large strides forward towards her. Before Jun Xiaomo could stabilize her footing before Rong Ruihan, he pulled her into a tight embrace.

“Rong…Brother Rong?” Jun Xiaomo’s body stiffened up instantly at the embrace.

It was in this instant that she finally realized that the sight of Rong Ruihan being alive and well had caused her to shelf everything else for the moment, and she had even left Ye Xiuwen behind her.

How would Martial Brother Ye feel witnessing me being pulled into a tight embrace right in front of him like that? He must be displeased and upset, isn’t he?

Even though Jun Xiaomo was overjoyed to see Rong Ruihan alive and well, she still didn’t want to disappoint Ye Xiuwen.

After all, Ye Xiuwen had only lost his mind due to the spirit tool’s controlling influence over his mind. Jun Xiaomo sincerely didn’t want Ye Xiuwen to fall...

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