Chapter 387: Consequences of One’s Actions, Zhuang Lenghui’s Plight

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when they finally learnt of Ye Xiuwen’s return. This was especially the case for Chi Jingtian. After all, with each and every day that passed, he would have to look after Jun Xiaomo closely, ensuring that she did not jump in after Ye Xiuwen. Thus, his mind and spirit had been incredibly worn out after all this while, and Ye Xiuwen’s safe return naturally also meant release for him.

However, this hardly meant that he was pleased to see Ye Xiuwen appearing by Jun Xiaomo’s side again either. Love rivals naturally scrutinized each other’s actions. Chi Jingtian was unable to agree to what Ye Xiuwen had done in the past which led to Jun Xiaomo losing her memory. If not for the fact that Ye Xiuwen holds a strong foothold in Jun Xiaomo’s heart, Chi Jingtian might well have simply requested his great-grandfather to kidnap Jun Xiaomo, leaving Ye Xiuwen behind all on his own.

That’s right. Chi Jingtian had the desire to ask his Old Man Chi to crush and repel his love rivals because he was personally unable to defeat Ye Xiuwen. It was a helpless situation.

At the same time, Old Man Chi was somewhat displeased with his quasi-great-granddaughter-in-law. Everything would still be alright if Jun Xiaomo was not pregnant...

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