Chapter 386: Ye Xiuwen’s Return, News of Rong Ruihan

When Ye Xiuwen was struck by Wei Xingping and fell into the depths of the lotus pond, he thought he was a goner for sure.

His mind drew a blank in that moment of crisis. His hand was still tightly gripping onto the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds when the scent of death swept over him like an all engulfing blanket.

Bang! A massive ripple echoed outwards where he struck the waters. His wounds and injuries were aggravated as he plunged powerfully through the surface of the waters. His ears rung eerily, and everything turned dark. In that very instant, he nearly passed out.

Yet he remained conscious. The marrow-piercing cold of the waters in the lotus pond caused him to tremble slightly, and his mind remained awake against all odds.

It was also this brief moment of clarity of mind which allowed him to cling strongly to the thread of hope. Ye Xiuwen immediately reached into his Interspatial Ring and pulled out a Water Repulsion Orb before placing it straight into his mouth. Just like that, fresh air immediately filled his lungs once more, providing him with a reprieve from the stifling sensation of the waters engulfing him.

However, this was all Ye Xiuwen was able to do. The surface of the lotus pond drew further and further into the distance. Ye Xiuwen no longer...

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