Chapter 385: Jun Xiaomo’s Memory, Ye Xiuwen’s Injuries

The assailants rushed towards Ye Xiuwen. At the very same moment that they began their charge, they also saw Ye Xiuwen shoot out a Wind Blade, slicing off the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds and pulling them into his grasp.

“Damn! We were too late. He’s already obtained the seeds!” Zhuang Lenghui gritted her teeth as she immediately brandished her sword and rushed towards Ye Xiuwen.

Ye Xiuwen had just seized the seeds. How could she stand idly by and not do a thing to stand in his way?

Ye Xiuwen attempted to store the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds within his Interspatial Ring before fighting his way out of the encirclement. Yet, to his dismay, his Interspatial Ring appeared to reject the existence of the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds altogether. It was as though there were an invisible barrier preventing the seeds from entering the Interspatial Ring.

Having no other choice left to him, Ye Xiuwen was relegated to holding the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds in one hand while fending off the encirclement of assailants with his other hand.

Right now, amidst all the chaos, it was evident that Ye Xiuwen had finally been pushed onto the backfoot. Not only did Zhuang Lenghui’s men go straight after his jugular, even the other cultivators who had coveted the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds were unwilling to see Ye Xiuwen seizing all the seeds for himself. Thus, in the blink of an eye, Ye Xiuwen became the target of all concerted attacks all at once.

As the saying goes – even ant bites can kill an elephant. Even though...

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