Chapter 384: Ye Xiuwen’s Predicament, Zhuang Lenghui’s Delight

I knew something was amiss when Ye Xiuwen was nowhere to be seen. Look! Isn’t he trying to slip in and take advantage of the situation here? He must have been lying in wait and observing the situation for a long time before making his move when everyone’s attention is captivated by the Spirit Koi! Zhuang Lenghui thought resentfully to herself. Her mind spun furiously, contemplating any and every possible countermeasure she could come up with – there was no way she was letting Ye Xiuwen seize the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds just like that!

Truth be told, Zhuang Lenghui had misunderstood Ye Xiuwen’s intentions. Ye Xiuwen had never thought so much about the situation to begin with. As soon as Ye Xiuwen successfully voided the contract with his spirit tool, his rationality immediately returned to his mind.

When he recalled all the things he had done while under the influence of the spirit tool, he sincerely wanted to beat himself up over and over again.

Moments later, Ye Xiuwen recalled what the sprightly old man had said – they absolutely had to get their hands on the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds if Jun Xiaomo were to safely deliver her child. Thus, the first thing he did as soon as his rationality returned to his mind was to rush straight back to the lotus pond. Incidentally, the moment...

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