Chapter 382: The Rainbow Lotus Flower Bears Seeds, Wei Xingping Seeks Vengeance

The Rainbow Lotus Flower was soon to bear seeds over the next few days. As the day drew nearer, more and more powerful forces began to show up by the side of the lotus pond. None of them took any action to wipe out or suppress their competition actively. They were all wise to the fact that doing so might leave them worn for wear when the time came to vie for the seeds. Thus, they simply waited and watched.

Jun Xiaomo, Chi Jingtian and the sprightly old man numbered three in all. Compared with others, their faction was hardly sizeable at all. Thus, they hardly drew any attention from the rest of the factions around at all.

“He’s already been gone several hours now. Are you sure we don’t need to look for him?” Jun Xiaomo lowered her eyes and asked the old man.

Even though Jun Xiaomo had not explicitly mentioned who “he” referred to, everyone knew full well that Jun Xiaomo was referring to Ye Xiuwen.

The old man silently shed a tear in his heart – Disciple-in-Law still seems to be rather concerned about that foolish disciple of mine, huh? That’s something praiseworthy.

After collecting his own thoughts, the old man gazed into the sky and he began to furrow his already-wrinkled brows – It’s already getting dark. Why hasn’t Disciple returned yet? Logically speaking, he wouldn’t need such a long time even if he were hunting...

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