Chapter 381: Ye Xiuwen’s Emancipation, Jun Xiaomo Regains Consciousness

Jun Xiaomo’s mind was already back to normal when she regained her senses once more. Her mind was littered with snapshots and images of her memories, both of her previous life and of her present life. However, these snapshots of memories were all over the place, and she was unable to organize her thoughts into a linear or chronological sequence of events. To make matters worse, her mind would seize up with intense pain every time she tried her best to recall what happened in the past, forcing her to let go of any notion of recalling the past.

Of all the scattered snapshots of her memories, the single memory that was most intact and complete was that of her falling prey to the schemes of a group of people, being surrounded and attacked by them in an ambush, before losing her child in a horrific turn of events. The heart-wrenching, gut-spilling pain that ensued was something that lingered on endlessly in her heart, and she continued to experience pangs of echoing pain, even now.

Was there previously another child in here? Jun Xiaomo caressed her lower abdomen gingerly as she contemplated the possibility. As though recognizing the blood connection, her lower abdomen responded with a sense of warmth, bliss and contentment.

Regardless of what happened in the past, I would never allow this child to encounter the very same fate as the one in my...

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