Chapter 380: Jun Xiaomo’s Madness, Ye Xiuwen’s Realization

Things happened just as Zhuang Hongsheng had expected. As soon as Wei Xingping “incidentally” learnt that his First-Seat Disciple had been murdered by a young sprout, he immediately flew into a fit of manic fury and sustained a demonic upheaval.

“Ye Xiuwen! Jun Xiaomo! I won’t let you off. I’m going to get revenge for my dear disciple!!!” After spitting out a large mouthful of blood, Wei Xingping passed out.


“Martial Uncle!”

The two Zephyr Sect disciples who had come to deliver the bad news to Wei Xingping hurriedly stuffed several recovery pills into his mouth. Unfortunately, Wei Xingping’s cultivation was still affected. Not only had all his efforts from his closed-door cultivation been negated, he even lost decades’ worth of cultivation.

It couldn’t be helped. A First-Seat Disciple’s existence was akin to that of a successor to a Peakmaster, and the relationship between them was naturally different from that of other disciples. In fact, it might not even be an exaggeration to describe theirs a relationship that was akin to that of father and son. Right now, his quasi-son had just been killed by others – how could Wei Xingping not be infuriated by this news?

Wei Xingping remained unconscious for a full three days and night before he regained consciousness once more. However, the first thought...

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