Chapter 379: Jun Xiaomo’s Escape, Zhuang Hongsheng’s Ambition

Having noticed the escalating tension, the sprightly old man immediately stepped forward and broke up the confrontation between Ye Xiuwen and Chi Jingtian, raising his hand with a “stop” gesture, “Li’l lads, stop arguing and listen to what I have to say.”

Chi Jingtian had always respected his elders, especially someone like the sprightly old man who appeared to be of similar age to his grandfather. This gave him a sense of familiarity with the old man. Thus, he heeded the old man’s suggestion and shut his mouth obsequiously. At the same time, Ye Xiuwen also temporarily suppressed the roiling emotions in his heart on account for the fact that his own master had just interjected.

The old man addressed Chi Jingtian first, “Li’l lad, don’t blame my disciple for his poor attitude. The recent times have been rather stressful for him as well. The problems with Xiaomo’s body aren’t entirely caused by my silly disciple. The main reason is the child in her womb.”

“The child in her womb?” Chi Jingtian furrowed his brows.

He had personally witnessed several pregnancies within his clan, yet not a single pregnant lady had been reduced to skin and bones like Jun Xiaomo was.

Truth be told, if not for the fact that he detected the faint traces of an aura that did not belong to Jun Xiaomo when he was helping her back to her feet earlier, he would never have guessed...

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