Chapter 378: Chi Jingtian Hits the Nail on the Head

Unlike Rong Ruihan, the little packrat had only managed to discover Jun Xiaomo’s whereabouts after several twists and turns. Old Man Chi had always been concerned about the little packrat’s body. Furthermore, Old Man Chi knew that the quasi-great-granddaughter-in-law of his was a magnet for burdensome relationships. Afraid that the little packrat would be hurt in this pursuit of passion of his, Old Man Chi issued a standing order to all of his clansmen that nobody was to divulge Jun Xiaomo’s whereabouts to the little packrat. Thus, the little packrat had only learnt of Jun Xiaomo’s “resurrection from the dead” after quite some time.

Then, it was only after he threw a tantrum for an incredibly long time that Old Man Chi finally relented and agreed to let him leave the clan’s grounds. At the same time, Old Man Chi secretly instructed a group of clansmen to tail the little packrat and protect him from the shadows.

The little packrat was the only one bearing Old Man Chi’s bloodline in his generation. Naturally, Old Man Chi was incredibly protective and couldn’t bear to let anything happen to the little packrat. In particular, Old Man Chi could not afford to risk the little packrat consuming a Shapeshifting Fruit ag...

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