Chapter 377: Jun Xiaomo’s Distress, The Little Packrat’s Appearance

At night, Zhuang Lenghui wrote up a situation report, detailing exactly how Ye Xiuwen had arrogantly tortured and killed Princess Linglong and Zou Zilong, completely disregarding the existence of the Zephyr Sect. In so doing, she victimized the Zephyr Sect and condemned Ye Xiuwen’s actions. She firmly believed that anyone who saw her report would be unable to suppress their emotions and repress the urge to tear Ye Xiuwen to shreds, much less Zou Zilong’s master and Princess Linglong’s father.

At the same time, she masterfully wrote herself out of the picture, swearing that she completely unaware about what went on behind her back, stating that everything was already too late when she discovered what had happened – Princess Linglong and Zou Zilong had already perished.

Zhuang Lenghui sent her report back by way of a Messenger Paper Crane. By her estimations, it would take approximately six or seven days for the Peakmaster of the Stoneknife Peak to rush over after receiving the Messenger Paper Crane. This would coincide perfectly with the day that the Rainbow Lotus Flower is expected to bear seeds.

The seeds of the Rainbow Lotus Flower were largely useless to cultivators of the Nascent Soul cultivation and higher. Zhuang Lenghui had detected signs of arriving at the bottleneck of her cultivation, and the seeds of the Rainbow Lotus Flower were...

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