Chapter 376: The Loosened Shackles, Zhuang Lenghui’s Hatred

Just as the Zephyr Sect disciple and Princess Linglong’s bodyguards were wallowing in the mires of self-pity and crying their eyes out at their bleak future as a result of Princess Linglong’s death, Ye Xiuwen returned without any warning and appeared before their very eyes once again.

The limbs of the Zephyr Sect disciples were still severed, and none of them possessed any ability to stand against Ye Xiuwen. Thus, all of them shrunk back in fear the moment they saw Ye Xiuwen.

They also noticed that Ye Xiuwen was carrying Jun Xiaomo in his arms right now. She wore a striking red garment, yet her face appeared pale and her aura seemed feeble and frail. Worrying that something bad might have happened to Jun Xiaomo, everyone turned their cautious gazes back to Ye Xiuwen, wondering if he was back here for revenge. Everyone present had the exact same concern in their hearts – it was as though they could all see the light at the end of their roads.

Thunk! A loud thud resounded, and a person whose appearances couldn’t clearly be seen was tossed down right in front of Ye Xiuwen’s feet. Moments later, a sprightly old man skipped over to Ye Xiuwen’s side, “Argh, I wonder what that young lad ate growing up. He’s so heavy. I pity this old bag of bones of mine.” The old man massaged his shoulders as he remarked aloud. It was evident that he had carried that man back from where he was.

Very soon, the Zephyr Sect disciples noticed the characteristic garments worn by the man on the ground.


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