Chapter 375: Thoroughly Crippled, Zou Zilong’s Despair

Ye Xiuwen hardly noticed what his master was saying at this point in time. Even if he heard the contents of what was said, he barely took it to heart.

His gaze was trained on Jun Xiaomo’s body right now. As soon as he noticed how Jun Xiaomo’s clothes appeared disorderly and slightly loosened, and her lips showed traces of being bitten, his pupils immediately contracted, and he squinted his eyes.

For some strange reason, the old man felt a chill down his spine and goosebumps creeping up the back of his arms.

Ye Xiuwen squatted down, pulling Jun Xiaomo into a tender embrace as he gently ran his finger across her lips. Jun Xiaomo’s lips were bleeding slightly from Zou Zilong’s earlier roughhousing, and she appeared incredibly frail and feeble.

“What’s going on here?” Ye Xiuwen asked dispassionately. His voice appeared calm, devoid of any undulations in his intonations. However, the old man knew that this were a mere cover for the roiling emotions within that were ready to explode in an instant. After all, Ye Xiuwen’s territorialism was obviously at an all-time high.

“Cough…Disciple has to promise to keep his cool when I explain everything.” The old man stated his precautions upfront.

“Mm.” Ye Xiuwen...

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