Chapter 374: Yue Linglong’s Death, The Hopping Mad Old Man

Yue Linglong had never expected all of her men to be felled by Ye Xiuwen in just the blink of an eye, while Ye Xiuwen remained completely unharmed and unaffected.

A bunch of useless things! Yue Linglong thought angrily to herself as she hollered at the Zephyr Sect disciples standing around, “Which of you are willing to apprehend him? This Highness will reward greatly whoever captures him!”

Unfortunately, the Zephyr Sect disciples simply exchanged sheepish glances as they thought to themselves in vexation – Do you think we don’t want your rewards? The only problem lays with the fact that this man is far too strong! How could we possibly have the ability to capture and restrain him? What’s the use of rewards if we’ve lost our lives?

Thus, despite having hollered for some time, not a single Zephyr Sect disciple responded to Princess Linglong’s call. She stamped her feet in fury.

“You’re all a bunch of no good things!” Princess Linglong cursed at them aloud.

Just then, Ye Xiuwen suddenly made his move. Under the augmentation of his Windwalk ability, Ye Xiuwen was so fast that nobody was able to see his movements – the only thing they saw was a shadow flicker about. Princess Linglong’s spirits had always been incredibly tense. Thus, as soon as she noticed Ye Xiuwen making his move, she immediately shrieked at all of the surrounding Zephyr Sect disciples once...

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