Chapter 373: A Crushing Force, Princess Linglong’s Miscalculation

The sprightly old man had only aroused from his stupor after Ye Xiuwen returned from his reconnaissance mission.

Despite being the old man’s disciple, Ye Xiuwen was hardly courteous with his master. He poured a bucket of cold water over the old man’s, engulfing his head completely, causing the old man to think for a moment that he had been tossed into a pond of sorts. Naturally, if there were a pond near the inn, Ye Xiuwen might well have done even that instead.

“Where’s Jun Xiaomo?” Ye Xiuwen cast an ashen look at the old man. His voice was incredibly placid, but the old man could sense the flourishing of Ye Xiuwen’s oppressive aura.

Faced with Ye Xiuwen’s imposing gaze, the old man turned his head around sheepishly and glanced towards the bed. In the next instant, his eyes widened with disbelief – Where’s Disciple-in-Law?!

Ye Xiuwen pressed the issue coldly, “Who’s the one who had assured me time and again that he would help me to look after Jun Xiaomo and prevent anything from happening to her?”

“But…that…Disciple, please listen to Master’s explanation. Master’s usually very good at holding his alcohol, and he doesn’t get drunk easily at all. This incident must have been an accident…an accident…”

“Accident?” Ye Xiuwen repeated...

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