Chapter 372: Ye Xiuwen’s Murderous Intent, Rescued by the Sprightly Old Man

Bang! A thunderous noise caught the attention of all who were in the courtyard. Everyone craning their necks and looking into the small wooden hut could practically feel the tremors echoing through their internal organs. As they turned their heads around reflexively, they saw Ye Xiuwen standing in the middle of the courtyard. To their horror, everything within a ten-meter radius had been completely reduced into nothing more than sawdust.

One step at a time, Ye Xiuwen began to march towards Princess Linglong and the rest. His ink-black, abstruse eyes were barely able to conceal the two immeasurably deep whirlpools intent on consuming and destroying everything in his path.

“Who were you saying you were going to toss to the whorehouses in the mortal world? Repeat it for me.” Ye Xiuwen stared at Princess Linglong with a gaze so frigid that it sent chills straight down her spine.

“I…I never…” Princess Linglong had never expected Ye Xiuwen to appear so suddenly at this place. The exigency had completely stripped away her ability to think on her feet, and she found herself stammering and stuttering in response to Ye Xiuwen’s cold interrogation.

“Are you trying to say that you’ve never said you were going to throw anyone into the whorehouses in the mortal world, or are you trying to say that you’ve never capitalized on my absence to drug my master and...

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