Chapter 371: Zou Zilong’s Lust, Yue Linglong’s Fury

Zou Zilong placed his hands behind his back and slowly bent over as he looked down upon Jun Xiaomo. She was bound and restrained on the floor right now. Faced with the unyielding and resentful look in her eyes, a fire once again ignited in his belly, burning with an impassioned blaze.

He squinted his eyes and began to size up Jun Xiaomo as he searched through his own memory for what little he remembered of her.

They had only crossed paths for a short time within the Zephyr Sect. After that, it was a long period of separation of eleven whole years. Naturally, Jun Xiaomo’s appearances had begun to somewhat fade in his mind. That said, her striking red garments had left a deep impression in his mind, and its colour only seemed to grow more and more striking with each passing night, as though a raging fire that was blazing and burning an indelible mark in the depths of his memories.

Perhaps the notion that the unobtainable were the best things was particularly strong in Zou Zilong’s mind. Even though he now held the title of Princess Linglong’s husband, having been married to Princess Linglong five years ago, theirs was nothing more than a paper marriage. Princess Linglong rarely hung around him, spending most of her time within the palace, surrounded by an entire harem of men. At the same time, Zou Zilong would maintain discreet, clandestine...

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