Chapter 370: Yue Linglong’s Schemes, The Old Man’s Miscalculation

The Sunset Mountain Range near the Greenwich Kingdom was an incredibly idyllic destination. Every year, towards the end of the autumn season, the Sunset Mountain Range would see its fair share of romantic couples and sight-seeing cultivators enjoying its sights and sounds. Its fiery red maple forests and the rolling white clouds in the azure blue sky overhead, replete with a cacophony of chirruping birds completed an all-consuming atmosphere that seized the mind and dispersed any tensions in the heart.

That said, the Sunset Mountain Range saw far more visitors this year than all previous years. To be more precise, there were far more powerful cultivators visiting the Sunset Mountain Range this year, many of whom could be seen patrolling the region on a daily basis.

“Who would’ve thought that so many people would make the trip down to the Sunset Mountain Range this year?” One of Yue Linglong’s remaining bodyguards muttered aloud as he glanced at a cultivator whose cultivation level he was unable to decipher.

“Ah, don’t you know, dear guests? This year is precisely the year when the Rainbow Lotus Flower in the Sunset Mountain Range’s lotus pond is supposed to bear seeds. This occurs only once every one-hundred years, so there are naturally cultivators who have come from far and wide just to seize the seeds for themselves. These people are not here for sight-seeing.” The attendant explained in a loud voice.

“The year that the Rainbow...

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