Chapter 369: Ye Xiuwen’s Killing Intent, Yue Linglong’s Isolation

The delicate cry was shrill – almost earsplitting. Jun Xiaomo, whose mind was already almost on the brink of crumbling, furrowed her brows even more.

Ye Xiuwen noticed the slight changes on Jun Xiaomo’s expressions, and his gaze darkened.

He set Jun Xiaomo gingerly back down onto the cushion in the carriage and helped her to lean against the window. Then, he turned to the old man and told him, “I’m going outside to take a look.” With that, he drew the curtains and stepped out of the carriage.

As soon as he stepped out, he saw a group of people who were ostensibly part of an aristocratic family or clan. Over and above the fact that these people donned garments made of expensive, luxurious materials, Ye Xiuwen could detect faint traces of spiritual energy emanating from their bodies. If his guess was right, these traces were characteristic of spirit tools.

The leader of the group outside the carriage was even more ostentatious. She was dressed garishly from head to toe, and even her whip and her mount were exquisite-looking. The spiritual fluctuations emanating from her body was the highest, and it was naturally evident to Ye Xiuwen that everything she wore were spirit tools of at least the fifth-grade or higher.

From the way she habitually referred to herself as “this Highness”, she might very possibly be the actual princess of a kingdom. It was no wonder she was able to be so extravagant, even with her clothes. This was a clear indication that she probably had been pampered since young.

Ye Xiuwen managed to roughly guess the identities of this group of people with just one glance. Meanwhile, just as Ye Xiuwen was sizing them up, the group was...

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