Chapter 356: Ye Xiuwen’s Indifference, Jun Xiaomo’s Despondence

Jun Xiaomo continued to trudge along within the spirit tool, searching for any traces of Rong Ruihan she could find. Every single step that she took felt incredibly painful and arduous.

As time continued to trickle by, her heart began to sink deeper and deeper into the mires of despondence.

She was unsure of whether Rong Ruihan had already torn off the Invisibility Talisman on his body. If not, Rong Ruihan would still be relatively safe for now. However, this would also make it much more difficult for Jun Xiaomo to locate Rong Ruihan. After all, she was unable to see Rong Ruihan nor sense the aura emanating from his body. Thus, she could only trudge along aimlessly throughout the domain of the spirit tool as she continued to call out Rong Ruihan’s name, hoping and praying that he would respond to her.

Unfortunately, despite forging ahead for a long time, her surroundings were still enshrouded in pitch-black darkness, and faint whiffs of blood stench persistently assaulted her olfactory senses from all directions.

She was suddenly overwhelmed by a sense of abject dread, loneliness and despondence. These feelings began to wrap tightly around her spirit, causing her chest to feel heavy and burdened, as though a massive rock were weighing on her chest. Her breathing began to grow ragged and shallow.

Some time ago, when she thought she lost Ye Xiuwen...

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