Chapter 355: Rong Ruihan’s Disappearance, Jun Xiaomo’s Heartache

“Brother Rong!”

When Jun Xiaomo came to her senses, she immediately sat up and glanced anxiously around. Unfortunately, her surroundings were completely pitch-black.

She could tell that the place she was presently at was different from the place that she had been when she first passed out. This was because her surroundings right now were clean – so clean that it almost seemed as though she had left the hellish prison within the spirit tool’s domain.

That said, the faint stench of blood wafting through her nose told her that she was undoubtedly still trapped within the spirit tool’s domain.

She was unable to see Rong Ruihan anywhere in sight. In fact, despite probing around at her surroundings with her divine sense, she could hardly detect even a single living thing around her.

Everything was completely still and silent.

Jun Xiaomo didn’t know how long she had passed out for, and she didn’t know how long it had been since Rong Ruihan had abandoned her and headed out on his own. That said, there was one thing she knew for certain – Rong Ruihan’s life would be in danger if she didn’t find him quickly!

This was because there were still two Invisibility Talismans within her Interspatial Ring. In other words, Rong Ruihan had unilaterally chosen to face the wrath of the fireballs on his own, leaving both...

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