Chapter 354: Ye Xiuwen’s Change, Rong Ruihan’s Decision

If not for Martial Brother Ye, would she like Brother Rong? Jun Xiaomo sincerely didn’t know the answer to this question.

More accurately speaking, she wasn’t even sure of the extent of her present feelings towards Rong Ruihan right now. Everything that Rong Ruihan had done for her in her previous life had left her touched and remorseful. In this life, for the protracted period of time that Ye Xiuwen had gone missing, Rong Ruihan had been the one who had come calling upon her time and again, keeping her company when she felt most alone. Then, when the news of her death spread far and wide throughout the cultivation world, Rong Ruihan had even tapped on the very last bits of his strengths and resources to exact vengeance on her behalf.

Truth be told, even Jun Xiaomo couldn’t understand why Rong Ruihan would do so much for her. All things considered, they had hardly interacted much with each other, right?

It was as though she were a demon residing within Rong Ruihan’s heart – something that seized his heart and was difficult to rid the body of.

If this were a few days ago, Jun Xiaomo would undoubtedly have responded that there was only gratitude towards Rong Ruihan in her heart, not love. However, she was completely flustered and out of her wits as soon as she learnt...

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