Chapter 353: Deviant Ye Xiuwen, Pounding Hearts

Jun Xiaomo had muttered her thoughts under her breath. Unfortunately, Rong Ruihan had heard everything she said.

His eyes darkened. Just as much as the excruciating pain perfused throughout his entire physical body, an electrifying sensation shot straight through his heart, causing his heart to constrict with pangs of acute pain.

He knew that the relationship between Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo was not something that was built up overnight, and it was naturally not something that could be torn apart easily either. However, Rong Ruihan had never thought himself to possess less feelings for Jun Xiaomo than Ye Xiuwen did. He could do anything for Jun Xiaomo that Ye Xiuwen could as well.

Since that was the case, why was the person standing beside Jun Xiaomo always Ye Xiuwen, not him?

Right now, despite being physically beside him, Jun Xiaomo still continued to “sense Martial Brother Ye’s aura”. Where did that leave him? What did this mean for him?

Rong Ruihan wasn’t aware that Jun Xiaomo’s exclamation was not a mere figment of her imagination.

Ye Xiuwen had earlier suffused his own spiritual energy into the spirit tool, and it was a natural phenomenon that the spirit tool would begin to be filled with Ye Xiuwen’s spiritual energy.

One could only say that this was simply a byproduct of the amount of time that Jun...

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