Chapter 352: Rong Ruihan’s Grievous Injuries, Ye Xiuwen Slips into A Comatose

“Cough…” Rong Ruihan’s throat gurgled, and he spat out a mouthful of blood, “Xiaomo?”

His vision was already substantially obscured by his own blood, and everything appeared blurry to him at times. It was only moments ago that he saw a lady who bore similar appearances to Jun Xiaomo busy avoiding fireballs in the distance, so he immediately rushed over towards her. Who would’ve thought it would actually be Jun Xiaomo in the flesh?!

“It’s me, Brother Rong. Are these injuries on your body all from the fireballs?” Jun Xiaomo asked anxiously.

Under the illumination of the Nightgleam Pearl, Jun Xiaomo could see that there was not a single part of Rong Ruihan’s body that was unharmed by the fireballs. His clothes were torn and tattered and charred in many places, while the skin underneath had become nothing more than a mangled mess. It was evident just how much he had been battered by the relentless onslaught of fireballs.

“What are you doing here?” Rong Ruihan furrowed his brows and sidestepped Jun Xiaomo’s question, “This place is extremely dangerous. What are you doing coming into this place?!”

“I was initially thinking of rescuing you from this spirit tool. Unfortunately, Dai Yanfeng trapped me inside before I could do anything.” Jun Xiaomo explained succinctly.

Just then, several other fireballs began to...

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