Chapter 349: Zhang Shuyue’s Provocation, Jun Xiaomo’s Heart Wavers

The bright, round moon hung high in the sky, enveloping the world with its stifling, desolate and frosty glow.

The eerie silence in the surroundings were only broken up by the occasional rustling leaves with a gentle, passing breeze that sounded almost like the stirring of footsteps.

“Master, do you think that Jun Xiaomo and the rest will really return tonight?” Zhang Shuyue’s gaze remained transfixed on the trap that they had already laid out for Jun Xiaomo and the rest, as though she were a hunter waiting expectantly for her prey.

“If what Dai Yanfeng said was true, Jun Xiaomo will most certainly return tonight.” Xiang Guqing calmly responded.

“She might return, but what about the others? They’re not related to Jun Xiaomo’s lover; would they return as well?” Zhang Shuyue asked with a glint in her eyes.

“Hmph. Jun Xiaomo is their Little Martial Sister, and she’s also the daughter of their master. If Jun Xiaomo is truly determined to return, there’s no reason that they would sit idly by either. Otherwise, how are they going to account to Jun Linxuan if anything happened to Jun Xiaomo?” Xiang Guqing snorted.

“That’s good then…” Zhang Shuyue acknowledged cautiously.

“I’ll say it again – you’d do wise to set aside those unnecessary feelings for Ye Xiuwen. How can you still be coveting a tattered shoe that’s already been worn by Jun Xiaomo? You’re doing nothing more than degrading yourself right now. I don’t relish having such a useless disciple.” Xiang Guqing chided Zhang Shuyue...

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