Chapter 348: Rong Ruihan’s Subordinates, Jun Xiaomo’s Countermeasure

Jun Xiaomo was equally dumbfounded by the situation, and she furrowed her brows, clarifying, “Mistress? Who’s your mistress?”

The leader of the maroon-garbed troupe looked up at Jun Xiaomo. Just as he was about to respond, Ye Xiuwen immediately interjected, “This isn’t a good place to discuss such matters. Let’s find ourselves a private room before we continue our discussion. Innkeeper!”

“Yes, yes, coming right away.” The innkeeper knew that he could not afford to step on the toes of people in the cultivation world, so he immediately ran over to Ye Xiuwen obsequiously.

“Do you still have a large room available right now? We need a large, quiet place that is more conducive for discussing important matters.” Ye Xiuwen informed the innkeeper of his requirements.

“Yes, yes, we still have a premium room available. Dear guests, please follow me.” The innkeeper nodded his head and bowed politely as he responded. Then, as he walked ahead, he discreetly wiped off the sweat that had beaded up on his forehead.

I’ve got to give them a room even if there are none right now. It’s obvious that these people aren’t ones that I can afford to cross. 

Then, when everyone finally made their way into the room, Ye Xiuwen shut the door and applied a Noise-Cancelling Talisman...

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