Chapter 347: Dai Yanfeng’s Evil Ploy, Rong Ruihan’s Whereabouts

Even though their hard work had resulted in the Rong Ruihan’s capture, Xiang Guqing and Zhang Shuyue were hardly pleased by such an outcome.

The ones who had offended them were the Heavenly Peak disciples to begin with, while Rong Ruihan was merely a meddlesome interloper who had interjected midway through the conflict. In other words, the only fruit of their labour had been a mere inconsequential person – how could they possibly swallow this bitter pill?!

“Inconsequential?” Dai Yanfeng mocked contemptuously, “You only think this way because you don’t fully understand Jun Xiaomo. What if I tell you that the man we’ve caught is none other than Jun Xiaomo’s lover? Would you still think that this man is inconsequential?”

“What?! That’s not possible!” Zhang Shuyue bellowed, “Aren’t Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen an item? How could she possibly have another lover?!”

“Hmph. Just take a look at her. Does Jun Xiaomo look like a faithful lady to you?” Dai Yanfeng retorted flatly, “You would never be able to understand the thoughts of demonic cultivators through a spiritual cultivator’s worldview and perspective. Back then, my daughter was grievously hurt by Jun Xiaomo precisely because she’d fallen for the brat trapped within my spirit tool right now. Do you think that the manifestation of...

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