Chapter 346: Rong Ruihan’s Predicament, Jun Xiaomo’s Sorrow

This night had felt particularly long and dreary.

Everything began when they were first awakened in the middle of the night for a long trek into the heart of the valley. There, Jun Xiaomo pushed her mind and spirit beyond their limits in order to breach the defenses of the master formation array. Meanwhile, her martial brothers were forced to endure a painful, arduous battle in order to buy her the little bit of time she needed to accomplish what she needed to do.

All in all, several hours had lapsed from the time that they had woken up to the time that they managed to leave the valley and arrive at a slightly safer location. Thus, everyone expected dawn to be arriving soon.

Yet, these moments of waiting were so painful and arduous that it felt like another eternity had passed before the first light of dawn struck the world once more.

After a night of emotional and physical trauma, Jun Xiaomo leaned on Ye Xiuwen’s body and fell into a deep slumber.

Even though she slipped straight into a deep slumber, Jun Xiaomo could not be said to have rested well either. Truth be told, Jun Xiaomo had spent the better part of the night plagued by unending nightmares from both her previous life and her present life. Variegated parts and pieces of her two lives seemed to come together to form...

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