Chapter 345: Hatred in her Heart, Resolution in her Eyes

Jun Xiaomo’s heart immediately swelled with a deep sense of unease when she noticed the concerted sullenness in her martial brothers’ responses.

“Martial Brother Ye, where’s Brother Rong?! Where’s Martial Brother Zhou?!” Jun Xiaomo grabbed Ye Xiuwen’s clothes and tugged ferociously as she looked at him nervously.

Ye Xiuwen’s voice trembled slightly. They had battled throughout the entire night, so his eyes were completely bloodshot at this point. He had so much to tell Jun Xiaomo, but he simply couldn’t bring himself to do so right now.

Even though they had successfully escaped the valley of death, none of them could bring themselves to celebrate their victory. Everyone felt as though a massive rock were weighing heavily on their hearts, tightening and tensing their spirits to the limit.

All of the disciples couldn’t help but reveal an expression of grief and sorrow on their faces.

“They…have they been killed?” Jun Xiaomo was on the verge of tears. Her voice trembled as she asked the single, most dreadful question weighing on her heart.

Ye Xiuwen pulled Jun Xiaomo into an embrace and buried her in his warm bosom. Then, with a hoarse voice, he confirmed her worst fears, “Martial Brother Zhou has indeed perished. Brother Rong sacrificed himself to push me into the Teleportation...

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