Chapter 344: A Successful Escape from the Valley! Rong Ruihan is Captured

After approximately one incense stick of time, Xiang Guqing began to realize that she had sorely underestimated Ye Xiuwen’s abilities.

No wonder Zhang Shuyue would fall for this little brat despite her usually high standards – who would have thought that this little brat could exchange blows with her on an equal footing despite his young, tender age?

Furthermore, his appearances and disposition were all top-notch to boot. Given Zhang Shuyue’s lack of experience in the world outside of the valley, it was hardly a surprise that she would fall for such an outstanding man.

Despite that, Xiang Guqing held the firm belief that all men were the same, and not a single one of them could be trusted. In her eyes, it didn’t matter one bit whether the man’s appearances were spectacular or dismal – his heart would invariably be ink-black and wicked.

Thus, she was hell bent on ridding the world of the vermin standing before her right now!

On the other side, Dai Yanfeng had encountered the very same issue. He had initially thought that disposing of Rong Ruihan were going to be an incredibly easy task. To his surprise, Rong Ruihan showed no signs of letting up despite their protracted duel. In fact, Rong Ruihan’s attacked only appeared to grow more vicious and powerful with time, and Dai Yanfeng began to find himself increasingly on the backfoot.

That said, all things considered, this was hardly a surprising...

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