Chapter 343: Surrounded on All Sides, Jun Xiaomo Breaches the Master Formation Array

When Xiang Guqing noticed Zhang Shuyue brazenly walking out of the room, leaving Zhou Zilong nowhere to be seen, she immediately took two steps forward and asked with a hushed voice, “What’s going on? Aren’t you letting the cat out of the bag by walking out like that?”

Reviling her pretenses, Zhang Shuyue pouted, “I don’t want to feign civility with that man anymore, so I killed him.”

“You! You silly girl! Who’s going to lure the Heavenly Peak disciples into the trap now that he’s dead?!” Xiang Guqing huffed in exasperation, fervently resisting the urge to rap her disciple hard on the head.

Zhang Shuyue snorted, “That fool had never thought to lure his martial brothers over to begin with. His sole intention was to deceive Master and create an opportunity for my escape.”

Xiang Guqing bellowed in rage, condemning Zhou Zilong’s actions, “That’s why I’ve said time and time again that men are no good things! None of them do anything apart from deceiving those around them!” As she finished speaking, she looked at Zhang Shuyue with some measure of resentment as she chided, “And you, why did you act on such impulse? Even if he’s not willing to lure out the Heavenly Peak disciples, we could at least torture him for a little and see what useful information we could glean from...

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