Chapter 342: Zhang Shuyue’s Heart of Steel, Zhou Zilong’s Sacrifice

Zhou Zilong lowered his head, completely sullen.

He sincerely desired Zhang Shuyue’s release. However, his martial brothers from the Heavenly Peak were equally important to him. Thus, he was evidently caught between a rock and a hard place.

Xiang Guqing knew that Zhou Zilong would never be able to provide her with a response so quickly. Thus, she pressed the issue with an ultimatum, “Young man, you’d best make a decision quickly. I don’t have much patience. If you don’t give me your response soon, I’m going to start cutting Zhang Shuyue up into pieces right in front of your very eyes, and I’m going to slowly torment her until she dies. What do you think? Make your decision – do you want to see your beloved beauty perish, or do you wish to cooperate with us and lure your Heavenly Peak martial brothers to this place?”

Zhou Zilong gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly. His face began to twist and contort slightly in tandem with the struggle in his heart.

Xiang Guqing watched Zhou Zilong’s expressions with delight in her eyes and disdain in her heart – See? Men are all the same. What’s the use of putting on all these pretenses? As soon as something happens, they’re always wavering and placing their own self-interests first.

That said, Xiang Guqing was ninety-percent confident that she was going to be able to extract a compromise from Zhou Zilong. After all, she simply didn’t believe that Zhou Zilong was willing to see Zhang Shuyue being tortured to death in front...

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