Chapter 340: Rong Ruihan’s Bitterness, Jun Xiaomo’s Misery

Jun Xiaomo glared at Rong Ruihan with her fists tightly clenched. As the indignation burgeoned in her heart, her chest began to undulate in tandem with her heavy breath. Her eyes began to grow red and puffy.

A slight reservation began to surface on his heart when Rong Ruihan first noticed the redness around the rims of Jun Xiaomo’s eyes. However, he forcibly suppressed those feelings of his – he needed an answer, right here, right now.

Jun Xiaomo drew a deep breath, and with an incredibly placid tone of voice, she muttered disdainfully, “Brother Rong, I never knew that I was such a cold-blooded person in your heart.”

Even though she had successfully repressed the urge to explode on Rong Ruihan, the multitude of ferociously clashing emotions in Jun Xiaomo’s heart was evident through Jun Xiaomo’s slightly trembling voice.

Truth be told, such a sight was incredibly heart-wrenching.

This was not the response that Rong Ruihan had been looking for. He knew full well that his life meant something to Jun Xiaomo. What he truly wanted to know was just how much his life meant to her. After all, when Ye Xiuwen vanished, he could see with his own two eyes the extent of the despondence and hurt in Jun Xiaomo’s eyes.

Therefore, the question that had been plaguing...

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