Chapter 339: Rong Ruihan’s Appearance, Jun Xiaomo’s Misery

Not long after Zhou Zilong’s departure, Jun Xiaomo gradually collected the threads of spiritual energy that she had suffused through the grooves and recesses of the master formation array.

She had expended an incredible amount of mental energy shifting each of the ink-black stones onto the positions she needed them to be. Thus, when she collected her spiritual energy, she discovered that she had already pushed herself beyond her limits.

Jun Xiaomo took a few steps back from the heart of the master formation array, thinking of taking a break before continuing. Just then, a powerful wave of weariness washed over her, sending her mind spinning. Her body swayed slightly, and her knees buckled. Then, everything in front of her suddenly went black, and she fell backwards.



Several martial brothers cried out at the same time. Ye Xiuwen was standing closest to Jun Xiaomo right now, and he immediately extended his arm to support Jun Xiaomo. Unexpectedly, there was someone whose actions were quicker than his.

A black shadow flickered across in front of him, and Jun Xiaomo landed safely in the bosom of a man wearing the Eternal Summit Sect’s uniform.

“Little Martial Sister! Who are you? What are you trying to do to Martial Sister Xiaomo?!”...

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