Chapter 338: Zhou Zilong’s Infatuation, Ye Xiuwen’s Exasperation

Rong Ruihan made a beeline for the heart of the valley as soon as he learnt that Jun Xiaomo and the rest had already made their way there.

However, it was only when he began making his trek down the paths towards the heart of the valley that he discovered just how deep the valley stretched on for. To make matters worse, the paths leading into the heart of the valley were filled with turns and forks in the roads, and a single misstep could cause him to lose his bearings and get lost.

Rong Ruihan looked up, searching for a different way to keep his bearings. To his dismay, he discovered that he was surrounded by massive trees that seemed to extend into the sky indefinitely, obfuscating the sky with its massive expanse of foliage, blotting out any traces of the stars and the moons.

Without the moon anchoring his bearings, it was going to be much more difficult for him to navigate his way around the woods.

After pondering for a moment, Rong Ruihan retrieved a Fluorescent Globe from his Interspatial Ring. With the aid of its dim illumination of light, Rong Ruihan could finally see up to a distance of ten meters away from where he was.

Just then, he discovered a small and peculiar pattern on the bark of a tall tree nearby. He could tell at one glance that this pattern hardly looked like it was naturally formed; someone had obviously etched the pattern onto the bark of the tree.

Thus, he brought the Fluorescent Globe closer to the pattern to take a closer examination. To his pleasant surprise, he immediately recognized that the pattern as something that the Heavenly Peak disciples would habitually use for pathfinding. In fact, he had even seen...

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