Chapter 337: Jun Xiaomo’s Disappearance, Xiang Guqing Sustains an Injury

A cold gleam flickered across the depths of Rong Ruihan’s eyes as he retrieved a weapon from his Interspatial Ring and adopted a defensive posture in front of “Jun Xiaomo”.

Although Rong Ruihan remained silent to Xiang Guqing’s questions, it was evident from his posture that he was a foe, not a friend.

“Aren’t you a disciple of the Eternal Summit Sect? Does Elder Dai know that you’ve turned traitor for the sake of the Lady Demoness?” Xiang Guqing barked coldly with a contemptuous tone of voice.

Rong Ruihan continued to remain silent to Xiang Guqing’s questions. Right now, he was fully focused on sizing up Xiang Guqing and assessing his odds of defeating her in a full-on confrontation.

Unfortunately, his assessment told him that he was only barely able to match her abilities. Furthermore, this was contingent on him laying everything on the line and not making a single mistake at all.

After all, his cultivation level was one qualitative level lower than Xiang Guqing’s cultivation level. This single level of difference should never be underestimated – the further on a person was in his path of cultivation, the more significant the difference in cultivation level, and the less such a difference can be made up with by pills, medicines or spirit tools.

That said, Rong Ruihan was a demonic cultivator, and the combat abilities of demonic cultivators were naturally stronger than that of a spiritual cultivator. It was for this reason that he had assessed that he would barely be able to stand up to Xiang Guqing if he put everything on the line.

By this time, Xiang Guqing had already realized Rong Ruihan’s adamance...

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