Chapter 336: Xiang Guqing’s Fury, Rong Ruihan’s Appearance

Jun Xiaomo was wholeheartedly invested in breaching the master formation array in the depths of the valley. The master formation array was locked by layers upon layers of defenses, and Jun Xiaomo was well aware of the fact that she couldn’t afford to make any mistakes in the process of unlocking these defenses. After all, a single mistake could lay waste to all of her efforts so far.

Then, out of nowhere, a little paper crane flitted over to her and began to peck on the back of her hand.

Jun Xiaomo had initially thought to ignore the little paper crane. However, she relented after noticing the patterns on the little paper crane’s wings. She picked it up, placed it in her palm, and began to suffuse some spiritual energy through the little paper crane.

The little paper crane’s eyes immediately glowed. Moments later, it began to project an image in front of them.

Jun Xiaomo could see from the image that there was a man who was sneaking up on her bed where her Humanoid Puppet was resting. However, the man’s appearances were hidden by the cover of night.

Jun Xiaomo squinted her eyes. For some strange reason, she felt that this man who was approaching her bed seemed incredibly familiar to her. Yet at the same time, she just couldn’t put a finger as to who this man was.

That said, it was understandable that Jun Xiaomo was unable to recognize who this man was. After all, it was reasonable...

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