Chapter 335: The Mysterious Man, Wu Xiaochang Perishes

Zhang Shuyue had already left her room and successfully linked up with her master Xiang Guqing when Zhou Zilong discreetly released his Messenger Paper Crane to warn Zhang Shuyue about the possible assailants.

“Master, this is where the Heavenly Peak disciples are residing. Apart from Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen, all of the other disciples have already ingested the powdered roots of the Spirit Devouring Grass together with the food I had earlier prepared. In other words, they’re like fattened lambs ready for the slaughter.” Zhang Shuyue curled her lips into a wicked smile as a bright gleam flickered across the depths of her eyes.

“Mm, you’ve done well.” Xiang Guqing patted Zhang Shuyue’s shoulders in delight, “I heard you’ve been injured by that cheap slut Jun Xiaomo? Let master take a closer look at your wounds.” As she finished speaking, Xiang Guqing placed her fingers onto Zhang Shuyue’s wrists.

As soon as Zhang Shuyue thought about the humiliating things Jun Xiaomo had done to her, she couldn’t help but reveal a thoroughly aggrieved expression on her face – Jun Xiaomo, you slut! I’m going to sentence you to death by a thousand cuts tonight! I’m going to flay off your skin and expose your grotesque, disgusting features for the world to see!

Meanwhile, Xiang Guqing released a thread of spiritual energy and sent it through Zhang Shuyue’s...

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